Conservation and SSSI

Conservation and the environment are very important to us at Back of Beyond.
We are a Gold Award Winning David Bellamy conservation site. We are also a designated SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). This is because the park has several unusual and very rare species of animal life, and we are lucky to share the park with them.

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  • We try to do as much as we can to protect our precious and enviable environment. Our water supply on the park is provided by our very own bore hole. Lights and ventilation fans in the shower/toilet blocks are on motion sensors. We encourage as much recycling as possible and you will find appropriate points at our waste store areas. We do not have mains waste instead we have our own waste system on site which uses only eco chemicals and encourages friendly bacteria to break down the waste.
  • We create our own compost from all our grass cuttings and leaf mulch. To encourage an abundance of butterfly, moth and dragonfly life we allow certain areas of the park to remain natural.
  • Our guest will notice that animal dwellings have been created in the woodlands and we share the park with badgers, red deer, rabbits and squirrels to name but a few.
  • Back of Beyond now has 8 beehives producing honey. Back of Beyond honey is  available in our shop.