What’s on at Back of Beyond

Visiting caterers

Outside caterers visit our site so that you can enjoy freshly cooked food in the comfort of our park. This year, we have fish and chips and pizza vans visiting at weekends.


Fish and Chips – every Saturday

The fish and chip van comes to Back of Beyond on Saturday evenings during the high season. Enjoy a selection of locally caught fish cooked to perfection.


Pizza – every Friday

Every Friday in the high season, a mobile pizza van comes to the park. The pizzas are cooked in a real wood-fired oven for that unmistakably authentic taste.


  • Wood fired pizzas at Back of Beyond

    Wood fired pizzas at Back of Beyond

    The wood fired pizza van comes on Saturdays
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Hawks in the Forest 

Friday, Saturday and Wednesday evenings

How would you like to take a walk with a bird of prey? ‘Hawks in the Forest’ are at Moors Valley Country Park during the day, and they bring the hawks to Back of Beyond on Friday and Saturday evenings during the high season. They also offer an evening with owls on Wednesday evenings in high season.


You can book a one-to-one hawk walk for £35 per person, or it’s £10 to join a group walk with owls. More information: www.hawksintheforest.co.uk


  • Hawks in the Forest

    Hawks in the Forest

    Walks with hawks and owls at Back of Beyond
  • Guest with owl under tree
  • Hawk on arm
  • Owl with wings out handler
  • Owl on ground
  • owl with people