Woodlands, lakes and conservation

Back of Beyond is set in 30 acres of parkland, of which 18 acres is woodland. By conservation and stewardship we’re improving this area to encourage the abundance of natural wildlife, fauna and flora that is already thriving within our park.

The 2 large, attractive lakes border our stretch of the Moors River. These provide a habitat for wildlife and are rich in dragonflies, birds, fish and of course our otters.

Conservation and the environment are very important to us at Back of Beyond.  The area of our park around the lakes is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because there are several unusual and very rare species of animal life that we are lucky enough to share the park with. In recognition of our focus on protecting the natural habitat, we have a David Bellamy Gold Conservation award.

A local bee expert keeps 8 bee hives at our park. If you’d like to taste the honey that the Back of Beyond bees make, it’s on sale in the shop at Reception.

In the woodlands, we’ve created open areas to encourage insects, bees, bird life and wild flowers.  The paths are made from our own woodchip and we’re continuing to extend them so that you can enjoy our woodlands, and walk your dog there

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You’re welcome to fish in the lakes and our stretch of the river with the appropriate fishing licences. Please bear in mind that local fish-eating wildlife may be more skilled than their human counterparts at getting to our fish! Please look at our ‘Visitors’ gallery’ to see some of the catches our customers have shared.



We try to do as much as we can to protect our precious and enviable environment. On receiving our David Bellamy Gold award, we were highly praised for our management of the wildlife, woodlands and lakes, as well as for our use of bird and bat boxes and bird feeding stations. You may notice these small animal rest stops as you walk around the park.

Here are some of the other ways in which we’re protecting our environment:

  • Our water supply on the park is provided by our very own bore hole.
  • Lights and ventilation fans in the shower/toilet blocks are on motion sensors.
  • We encourage as much recycling as possible and you will find appropriate points at our waste store areas.
  • We do not have mains waste instead we have our own waste system on site which uses only eco chemicals and encourages friendly bacteria to break down the waste.
  • We create our own compost from all our grass cuttings and leaf mulch. To encourage an abundance of butterflies, moths and dragonflies, we allow certain areas of the park to remain natural.


Wildlife sightings

Because we share the park with badgers, red deer, rabbits, squirrels toads and swans to name but a few, we love receiving photos of the wildlife that we are lucky enough to share the park with.

We will be setting up a web page for wildlife sightings. Please send us any wildlife photos you have taken at Back of Beyond, stating when you saw it. Send photos to: info@backofbeyondtouringpark.co.uk